Attendee FAQ:

Presenter FAQ:

Attendee FAQ

What is the format for UNC CAUSE this year?

UNC CAUSE will be held in-person this year barring an unforeseen obstacles!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone in October!

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How do I see the full schedule and access conference sessions?

Conference registration is required, and you must have a Sched account that has been invited to the 2022 UNC CAUSE Conference event (occurs after you individually register for conference). Full session details are limited to conference registrants.

Registered late? We’ll continue to add registrants to Sched as quickly as possible.

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Who is the Keynote Speaker this year?

We are still in the process of deciding this year’s Keynote Speaker, stay tuned!

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What apps do I need for the conference?

We will use these apps for 2022 UNC CAUSE:

  1. Sched: A Sched account is required to view full schedule details. You must register for the conference to be invited to the Sched conference event.  Note: New conference registrants will be added to Sched after the schedule is made available in late summer/early fall. Thank you for your patience as this is a manual process.
  2. Slack: Connect with UNC CAUSE attendees through conversations on Slack! Create an account with your @edu email account and you can join our Slack space!

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I would still like to interact virtually with UNC CAUSE. How can I connect with colleagues this year?

We have decided to return back to our full in-person event for this year, but don’t worry! There are multiple ways to connect with IT colleagues across the UNC System for UNC CAUSE throughout the year.

  1. Engage in conversation on Slack and join the #2022-conference Slack channel with your @edu email account.
  2. Join the #2022-unconference Slack channel to find and schedule times to meet with UNC CAUSE attendees who share your interests!
  3. Join SIGs that interest you! Different SIGs will meet throughout the conference but are also doing things throughout the year, check out their pages and Slack channels for more information!

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What is a SIG?

SIGs is short for Special Interest Groups. These groups are comprised of individuals from UNC CAUSE member institutions that share a common interest around a topic or technology that is prevalent across institutions. See UNC CAUSE SIGs. Most SIGs will meet at the conference so check out the schedule when that is available to see when each SIG will meet!

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Will there be UnConference sessions?

We invite you to join the #2022-unconference Slack channel to discuss topics. Here you can find other UNC CAUSE attendees with shared interests to discuss topics during or even after the conference. Please note these slots are available on a first come, first serve basis during the conference in the room dedicated to UnConference.

An unconference is a participant-driven meeting based on a topic that they would like to talk about with their peers. There is no set presentation, and unconference attendees are welcome to talk freely about the suggested topic.

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Which vendors are sponsoring 2022 UNC CAUSE?

Thank you to our sponsors this year!  We will update these closer to time for the conference. Please check the Schedule to join each vendor’s presentation.

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Is UNC CAUSE on social media?

Yes! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. 2022 UNC CAUSE hashtag: #UNCCAUSE2022

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I still need assistance. Where do I get help?

Please reach out to us via the Contact Us page or email us at

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How do I get involved next year?

We’d love to have you involved with UNC CAUSE next year! Please reach out to us through the Contact Us page.

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What does CAUSE stand for?

CAUSE stands for College and University System Exchange. See the history of the formation of UNC CAUSE!

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Who is involved with UNC CAUSE this year?

It takes so many people around the state to keep UNC CAUSE going each year!  Thank you to everyone who has given their time and effort this year and beyond to make UNC CAUSE great! Below are the key people who have helped us so far this year:

Executive Team
President – Sara Smith – WCU
Vendor Chair – Chris Deaton – NCSU
Past President – Sarah Noell – NCSU
Conference Services Liaison – Tom Van Gilder – ASU
ASU Conference Services – Marissa Winkler – ASU
Treasurer – Karen Horne – NCSU

2022 Planning Team
Co-Chair – Justin Fleming – NCSSM
Co-chair – Dustin Gragg – NCSU
Program Chair – Dr. Hector Molina – FSU
Communications Chair – Kevin McClain

Vendor Team:

– Martin Moore – ASU
– Wayne Fee – ASU
– Harry Nicholos – Volunteer

Planning Support:

– Adalia Hiltebeitel – UNCW
– Ashley Adams – UNCW
– Gabriella Ferguson – NCSU
– Katie McInerney – NCSU
– Ron Bradley – NCSU

Proposal Reviewers
– We are still building our team of reviewers for this year, check back to see who assisted for this year’s review!  If you’d like to be a reviewer please email and we will get in touch!

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Presenter FAQ

Where can I download the session slides template?

While a template is not required, will make a 2022 template available closer to time for the conference if you would like to use it!

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Is there a Slack channel for presenters?

We will make a speakers channel available after presentations have been selected for the schedule.

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