The success of UNC CAUSE is due to the amazing presentations given each year, and we’re excited to learn about the innovative ways you all have continued to support your campuses during the global pandemic.

Using Submittable, submit a proposal in one of the following session categories.

The 2022 UNC CAUSE submission deadline is Friday, June 3rd, 2022.

Submit a Proposal for 2022 UNC CAUSE

Session Categories

  • Customer Support & Engagement
    Sessions in this category should focus on techniques and tools you use to provide quality end-user support, keep your campus trained on the latest technologies and foster engagement with your client community.
  • Infrastructure & Operations
    Sessions in this category should focus on campus infrastructure issues, such as virtualization, scaling, network architecture and the tools that keep your university connected.
  • Innovation
    Sessions in this category should focus on the use of technology to solve new challenges faced at your University or the use of “cutting-edge” technology to achieve greater efficiency.
  • Leadership & Professional Development
    Sessions in this category may focus on approaches that have shaped and enhanced leadership, at all levels, on your campus. Sessions may also choose to focus on ways in which you have offered your staff new opportunities to develop in their chosen field and to progress in their career.
  • Security & Compliance
    Sessions in this category should focus on how you are protecting and securing critical university systems and data, as well as your compliance and organizational resilience strategies.
  • Teaching & Learning
    Sessions in this category should focus on technology tools used to teach all audiences around your university. Feel free to share lessons learned, successes and failures alike.
  • Special Interest Group sessions
  • Vendor sessions

If you have any questions about this year’s program, please contact us.